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Differentiating Between Portraiture Photography and Candid Photography


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Professional photographers all over the world, regardless of whether they specialize in wedding photography or corporate photography, generally capture images that be classified into two distinct types. These two kinds are candid photographs and professional portraiture snaps. Candid pictures tend to be more personal as these photos are clicked while you are busy doing something whereas professional portraits appear more perfect as photographers make extra preparations before a shoot. Professional portraiture photos and candid snaps can be differentiated on the following aspects.

  1. Areas of applications

The difference between portraiture photography and candid shooting is best borne out by the areas of applications of both. Candid photography is more suitable for freezing images and illustrations relating to action-oriented events like a football match, wildlife safari or a camping expedition. On the other hand, portraiture photography comes in handy especially when you need to capture still images which you can touch-up or refurbish to make them look attractive.

Portraiture shots of a wedding event, birthday occasion or family reunion serve as memorabilia helping people to reminisce about the happenings while candid pictures are clicked largely for capturing the mood of a particular moment.

  1. Equipment Use

To freeze candid photos and snaps, you don’t need a wide variety of photographic equipment. At the most, you’d need a camera and an outdoor setting with a natural background like mountains or an ocean. Alternatively, you’ll have to consider many aspects for conducting a professional portraiture shoot including an advanced camera, main light, light diffusers, shades, tripods, backgrounds, and props. Since a photographer has to do a lot of homework after capturing the shots, he naturally requires more equipment.

  1. Staging and appearance

A lot of staging aspects have to be borne in mind before carrying out a portraiture photo session as the snaps have to look perfect from every angle and position. Therefore the photographer has to make use of sets, and props, and preprogram the positions. With candid photography, the cameraman takes a more casual approach and pictures are snapped on the go.


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